Quit Sugar!

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Quit Sugar For Life.

Don’t quit sugar for 10 days, don’t quit sugar on a 21-day plan, don’t cut down sugar, don’t limit your sugar intake to 25g a day.There is no amount of sugar that is good for you.

Sugar is a toxic addiction that is killing us and causing many life-threatening diseases.

Sugar is in almost every food item on the 21st century supermarket shelves, with huge marketing and advertising  budgets behind each brand, telling you how delicious, kiddy-licious, chemical-free and full of vitamins they might be.

You won’t see an advertisement for an apple on TV. But you are urged and tempted to buy a sugary snack every way you turn throughout the day. Unfortunately this poison comes with many different names which makes it even harder to detect:


are all SUGAR.

You’re being told to snack “throughout the day” to keep your blood sugar level even; when your body can actually be at its best when the blood sugar is at its lowest. You may also find that taking natural supplements may help you with your sugar cravings.

Quitting sugar is probably one of the hardest addictions to break too. If you wanted to quit smoking, all you had to do was to avoid cigarettes! That was pretty much it. It’s still not easy but at least it’s quite contained in a restricted number of products. You won’t find hidden nicotine content in food products that are labelled as healthy, nutritious, light and even full of friendly whatsits.

Sugar however, is hidden in almost every processed food item from biscuits and chocolates, to cereals, ketchup, ready meals, crisps, fruit juices sauces. Even if you naturally avoid junk foods and snacks, it takes a HUGE effort to keep sugar out of your diet completely, in addition to the physical and mental withdrawal symptoms that you are likely to suffer for a couple of weeks.

If you really need convincing for why you should quit sugar right now today, I have compiled a list of 90 reasons to quit sugar for you. I’m sure you can think of more, and do let me know.

Quit Sugar Today.