Quit Sugar: 90 Great Reasons to Quit Sugar Today

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The crystal white sugar is all but a drug. It’s addictive and harmful and if you don’t quit sugar, will bring health issues and limit your quality of life.

In the standard Western diet, sugar is far too prevalent. While the body needs certain kinds of sugars to function, the crystal white sugar that comes from a bag is all but a drug. It’s addictive, it leads to health issues and it limits your overall quality of life.

While it may seem harmless, once you start doing your research, you begin to see how harmful sugar really is. You may find it useful to take a look at the 25 Foods That Lower Blood Sugar.

If you need to be given the reasons that you should begin cutting sugar out of your diet today, we’ve come up with a few for you to look over:

Here are few good reasons to quit sugar for life!

1. Lower blood pressure

One of the most major risk factors in high blood pressure is obesity, which is a consequence of excessive sugar. However, new research is also indicating that dietary sugars can also raise blood pressure. Let’s keep it real – sugar is not good for the heart.

2. Better cholesterol

It’s one of the most common complaints from the doctor: your cholesterol is high. If you eat a lot of sugar, you’ll have higher rates of bad cholesterol, which can clog up the articles and blood vessels. Not good news!

3. Decreased risk of heart attack

Studies show those with high sugar intake are much more likely to suffer from a heart attack than those with low intake.

4. Better brain power

That’s right – eating too much sugar can even zap your brain power. Too much sugar can damage responsiveness and memory, so be careful with that extra dessert.

5. Lower risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia

Anyone who has a high sugar intake will have reduced production of BDNF, a neurotrophic factor important in the brain’s ability to make new memories and remember the past. A lack of this chemical has been linked to dementia and Alzheimer’s.

6. Less likely to suffer from depression

Studies have shown that adults who drink more than four servings of sugary drinks per day are 30% more likely to be diagnosed with depression.

7. Breaking the sugar addiction

It’s got to be liberating to say that you’ve broken a bad habit! One of the most important steps to breaking a habit is, of course, quitting the sugar habit after all.

8. Younger skin

This is particular nice when you’re getting to the age where your skin is showing off your years. Too much sugar can make skin dull and wrinkled, leaving you looking older than you really are. Quit sugar and you might even cut down your spending on beauty products too!

9. And CLEARER skin

Suffer from acne? Getting rid of sugar in your diet can do world to help clear out any breakouts you may have on your face and skin.

10. Lower risk of diabetes

Issues in the insulin system is what leads to diabetes, and one of the biggest culprits to this diagnosis is too much sugar intake. You don’t want to have to live with this condi-tion.

11. Prevents fatty liver disease

Yet another condition avoided by cutting down on the sugar intake, this common disease occurs when the spike in insulin due to sugar also drives fat into the liver cells. This disease can lead to diabetes, heart attacks and cancer.

12. Reduces your risk of certain cancers

Many studies have indicated that people who eat sugar excessively have a much highly risk of cancers such as pancreatic cancer.

13. No more empty calories

Sugar does not contain any essential vitamins or minerals, so eating it really does nothing positive for your body. While a honey bun may cure a grumbling stomach when you forgot to eat breakfast, it isn’t actually providing your body with most of the nutrients it needs.

14. Sugar causes insulin resistance

Insulin is in the body to move glucose from the bloodstream into the cells where it is needed. But when we eat a diet high in sugar, our body becomes resistant to insulin, and the pancreas has to produce more and more. All of this can eventually become type 2 diabetes.

15. Sugar makes us forget we’re full

There is a process in the brain which makes sure we don’t eat after we’re full, but fructose does not trigger this effect. That means you’re probably intaking more calories than you need when you’re eating something sugary.

16. Save money

When you eat a lot of sugar, you probably find yourself spending a little extra money pretty often on things like donuts and chocolate bars. If you cut down on the sugar, you can stay stocked up on healthy snacks from home and leave your money in your pocket.

17. Weight loss

One of everyone’s favourite. Of course, eating too much sugar can lead to being over-weight. Cutting it out will most certainly help bring you down to a healthy weight.

18. More energy

While eating sugar may be able to give you a quick boost, not relying on sugar means you’ll have more sustained and reliable energy throughout the day.

19. A healthier lifestyle

No doubt cutting back not the sugar will help you lead a healthier lifestyle if that’s what you’re all about!

20. Stronger willpower

Yes, getting through that first month without sugar is a pain. But when you come out of it, you’re going to have more willpower than most people you know!

21. Fewer hunger pains

When you cut back no the sugar, you’ll probably find that your hunger is more manageable. You’ll get hungry at the right times and you won’t find yourself suddenly starving out of the blue.

22. More emotionally healthy

Eating a lot of sugar can lead to mood swings and issues with managing your emotions. With controlled sugar levels, you’ll be maintaining your brain’s natural chemistry, and therefore a more balanced emotional state.

23. Healthier teeth

You’ve always heard that too much candy can lead to cavities. Sugar is no good for the teeth, and if you cut it out, they’re going to thank you later.

24. No more mental “crashes”

If you avoid sugary foods, you can prevent those mental crashes that sometimes hap-pen midday, leaving you sleepy, full of anxiety or even fatigued.

25. Lower triglycerides

Too much sugar can raise your rates of triglycerides, or the fat in your blood, putting you at higher risk of heart disease.

26. Better immune system

One of the side effects of eating too much sugar is the deactivation of T-cells, the ele-ment of white blood cells that fights off infections.

27. Healthier mineral relationships in the body

Lowering sugar intake means more chemical balance in the body.

28. Sugar causes hyperactivity, difficulty concentrating and anxiety

Many negative mental states can result from eating too much sugar. Why not just be clear headed?

29. Sugar damages tissue

The more sugar you ear, the more elasticity and function of your body tissue you lose.

30. Sugar reduced high density lipoproteins

Yet another important element in the body damaged by sugar intake

31. Better absorption of calcium and magnesium

When you’re eating too much sugar, the calcium and magnesium your body needs is not being properly absorbed

32. Better eyesight

That’s right, too much sugar can harm your eyesight too.

33. Lowered risk of arthritis

34. Lowered risk of asthma

35. Lowered risk of gallstones

36. Lowered risk of appendicitis

37. Lowered risk of multiple sclerosis

38. Lowered risk of hemorrhoids

39. Lowered risk of varicose veins

40. Lowered risk of peridontal disease

41. Lowered risk of eczema

42. Lowered risk of cataracts

42. Lowered risk of emphysema

43. Lowered risk of dyspepsia

44. Lowered risk of gastric cancer

45. Lowered risk of platelet adhesiveness

46. Lowered risk of hormonal imbalance

47. Lowered risk of kidney stones

48. Lowered risk of biliary tract cancer

49. Lowered risk of liver tumors

50. Lowered risk of endometrial cancer

51. Eating too much sugar can lead to chromium deficiency

52. Sugar can contribute to the growth of Candida Albicans

That’s yeast infections in plain English

53. Sugar can worsen ADHD

Particularly important when it comes to children suffering with this condition, eating sugar can just make it worse.

54. Sugar can be harmful in pregnancy

Too much sugar during pregnancy can lead to a premature baby or other major issues

55. Too much sugar can make your saliva acidic

Well that doesn’t sound like fun.

56. Sugar can lower your vitamin E blood composition

Vitamin E is very important to your blood, and too much sugar can be taking it away.

57. Sugar can harm DNA

Sugar can impair the structure of DNA and its resulting proteins. Not good!

58. Sugar hurts homeostasis overall

One of the most important effect of sugar in the body is that it can lead to unbalanced systems and a lack of homeostasis. That means too

much of it is a huge strain on the body.

59. Sugars hurt enzymes’ ability to function

Enzyme are absolutely essential to the body, and sugar can harm their ability to work properly.

60. Sugar hurts your bowel movement

Yeah, it’s not a lot of fun.

61. Less sugar, fewer headaches

Headaches are no fun, and if you’re eating a lot of sugar you’re probably getting them unnecessarily.

62. Sugar can be extremely damaging to the kidneys

Your kidneys can change shape AND function.

63. Capillary trouble

Eating too much sugar can hurt the lining of capillaries, an essential part of the circulatory system.

64. Oversensitivity of the hypothalamus

A high sugar diet can lead to a hypothalamus which is much more sensitive to stimuli than it should be.

65. Sugar makes PMS worse

If you’re eating a lot of sugar during your period, it’s probably a lot less fun than it could be.

66. Sugar can lead to birth defects

Defects such as neural tube defects can result due to too much sugar during pregnancy

67. Sugar can use renal cell carcinoma

A disease of the kidney

68. Too much sugar puts you at risk of osteoporosis

69. Too much sugar causes copper deficiency

70. Sugar can contribute to alcoholism

Not good for an addictive personality

71. High sugar intake can lead to Crohn’s disease

72. Too much sugar has been linked to high blood pressure.

73. You could develop food allergies from eating too much sugar

That’s right – no one likes food allergies and you could be putting yourself at risk

74. Too much sugar can lead to an oversized liver

It can literally change the shape of your organs

75. Sugar makes you more fragile

Too much sugar can make your tendons brittle

76. High sugar diets in children can lead to learning disorders and bad grades

It’s not good for the brain

77. High sugar intake can lead to oxidative stress

78. Digestive issues

Too much sugar can slow the process of digestion

79. For men – sugar causes an extra dose of estrogen

Uh, that doesn’t belong there

80. Sugar kills digestion enzymes

Not only does it slow the process, high sugar intake also kills the enzymes meant to help digest

81. Sugar can induce apoptosis

Apoptosis is cell death, and too much sugar can make it happen when it shouldn’t.

82. High levels of sugar can mean high levels of homocysteine in the blood stream

82. If you’re a diabetic woman, sugar can cause brain decay

That’s getting serious

83. Too much sugar can leave your children without energy

Too sleepy, they don’t want to go outside

84. Sugar changes the structure of collagen

This is one of the reasons a high sugar diet an make you look older than you are. Quit sugar and start feeling and looking younger almost immediately.

85. Sugar causes atherosclerosis

86. Sugar increases fluid retention

Yes, that’s a bad thing!

87. Too much sugar can cause more delta, alpha and theta brain waves

Not necessarily a bad thing, but you shouldn’t mess with the brain’s natural rhythm!

88. Reduction of learning capacity

You just can’t learn as much if you’re too bad on sugar

89. Sugar reduces the effectiveness of blood proteins albumin and lipoproteins

90. Sugar greatly increases the risk of premature birth among teenagers


If 90 reasons aren’t enough to convince you, then let me recommend one of the best reads in this topic: David Gillespie’s The Sweet Poison Quit Plan which will not only tell you the harmful effects of sugar on your health in great detail, but it will also prepare you for the withdrawal symptoms and the side effects that you are likely to suffer in your first few weeks to help you through to success.