Just a few short years ago, I was someone who ate with no second thoughts. I was not at all concerned with the quality of the foods I was putting in my mouth. I had a stressful job, a family to feed and more “important” things to attend to. There was no way that I could be bothered to take the time out of my day to consider the nutritional value of what I was eating.

Looking back at that person I was, I can hardly recognize her. Thinking back to all the greasy hamburgers, honey buns and Doritos chips I ate day after day, I have to wonder how I was even alive. One thing is for sure: I wasn’t as alive as I am today.

You see, about three years ago, I started doing some reading online and I started questioning my food decisions. As I started to read books which detailed the importance of nutrition, I began to see food in an entirely new life. Food was not just some meaning-less substance that one stuffs in their face in order to stop their stomach from making noise.

No, food is a way of life, and in fact is the basis of life. The foods we eat are the building blocks by which our DNA builds our body. The quality of our life, our mind and our health are DIRECTLY related to the nutritional value of the foods we eat. And me? I was eating nothing but empty calories, too much fat and a disgusting amount of sugar.

Since that time, I have turned my life around in a direction that I would never come back from. Today, I value each meal that I eat for the nutritional gifts it gives to my body. I have all but completely shut added sugars out of my diet, and I have never felt better. After I realized how much harm sugar does to the body, after I learned that it was essentially tearing me apart, I realized I had to drop it for good.

The journey hasn’t been easy, it hasn’t been perfect, but every step has been worth its result. Today, my health is better than it ever has been. I have more sustained energy, I’m more joyful and I’m just more excited by life in general. I know that the benefits I have found through changing my diet is something that everyone can experience, and I want to help you do just that.

On QuitSugarForLife.com, I want to provide you with tricks, tips, recipes and lifestyle stories to help you move into a healthier way of living. Here’s to improvement! We all have it in us.