How to Change Your High Sugar Diet

How to Change Your High Sugar Diet

When you begin to realise just how much sugar is hidden in very common foods that we eat on a regular basis, it can get kind of intimidating. If you are so inclined to limit the surplus of sugar that most people participating in the average Western diet intake, you may not know where to start. Many of our breakfast, lunch and dinner staples are full of more sugar than we ever could have imagined, and you may begin to wonder if there is any escaping it.

How to Change Your High Sugar Diet

Luckily, all things get easier when you get a food in and you start doing it. Do some research on exactly what foods out there are full of sugar and which are just fine, and begin replacing items on your grocery list one at a time. Find new meal staples, consistently purchase and use them, and you will begin to ease your own way out of the sugar trap.

We’ve done a little research for you and below are some excellent staple items that you should start adding to your list. Start here, keep researching and keep tweaking your diet, and you’ll find yourself intaking an acceptable amount of sugar in no time.

#1 Nuts and Seeds

If you’re worried about your ability to have choices in snack foods, start looking towards nuts and seeds as your alternative. You don’t want to buy too many nuts that are overly salted, but nuts make an excellent nutritious snack that have no added sugar at all. Load up on all your favorite kinds of nuts, from cashews to almonds and peanuts to walnuts. Be sure and get those nuts in their natural form so that they aren’t covered in added sugar.

#2 Eggs

Unless you are going the vegan route, eggs make an absolutely excellent protein source that are quick to cook, very nutritious, a great ingredient and very filling. They are always a great choice for breakfast, whether you decide on a veggie filled omelette or baked egg in an avocado or tomato cup. A good breakfast of eggs can help you curb sugar cravings throughout the day.

#3 Raw Honey

Let’s face it: you don’t want to give up the taste of sweetness forever. Having raw honey around the house gives you the ability to sweeten your food without stacking the unhealthy sugar forms. Honey is definitely one of the best natural and healthy sweeteners on Earth, and it is filled with antioxidants, enzymes, minerals and so many other vital nutrients. It’s a better option than agave, which has higher levels of fructose. You should always get honey in its raw form, more expensive or not, because it provides you with more health benefits.

#4 Lettuce for Wraps

One of the biggest culprits of added sugar in our diets is the amount of bread we eat. A sandwich is a typical decision for lunch, and even when its insides are perfectly healthy, the bread itself can take away from some of those benefits. One alternative which is still delicious but won’t add sugar to your diet is to replace your bread with greens. Romain lettuce, collard greens and a host of other greens are an excellent alternative to the white bread that we often use to wrap our turkey sandwiches.

#5 Limes and Lemons for Water Flavour

Another typical element of our diet which stacks up the sugar quickly is the drinks that we drink throughout the day. It is easy to drink several glasses of juice a day, and often even fizzy drinks, without thinking at all about the huge amounts of sugar which are in every glass. Drinks don’t particularly fill us up, and they taste delicious, so we often just don’t think about the sugar.

Not everyone wants to switch to nothing but boring water, but a great low sugar alternative is to flavour your water with fruits. Lemon and lime make excellent water flavourers, and you can even spice it up more with things like cucumber and mint.

#6 Fruits

When sugar cravings hit, one excellent alternative is reaching for your favourite fruit. You don’t want to overdo your fruit intake, but the sugar that is in fruit is healthy and counterbalanced by the fibers of the plant. You can eat a handful of strawberries, blueberries or cantaloupe guilt-free when that chocolate craving starts to hit.