Learning to Love Life Without Sugar

Life Without Sugar

As much as we like to dream about ourselves as organised, healthy, meal-planning, never-cheating dieters and clean eaters, that idealistic vision of ourselves is pretty hard to get to. One of the hardest parts is coming to terms with the fact that life without sugar may not always be fun. Making a dietary transition involved cravings, difficult nights, slip-ups and a little bit of self-loathing here and there.

Life Without Sugar

The process of giving up sugar is definitely one of those that will create that period of struggle. But is is also a huge opportunity.

When you can really successfully change your habits and see your health, sense of well-being and even self-perception change, there is nothing like it. It’s the feeling of success in knowing that you have made a positive change that has become a permanent installment in your life. It’s rejuvenating, and it helps you remember that you can accomplish anything that you put your mind to.

But how do you go from that place where you feel that the change is impossible to the place where the change has manifested itself in your life? How can you learn to love living without sugar?

Think about some of the following tips, and you may find out for yourself:

Remember that every time you beat a craving, you’ve taken another huge step to success

In the heat of the moment when all you want is a bar of chocolate or a sugary bowl of cereal, just remember how much stronger saying “no” will make you. It is those moments in which you want to give into the sugar cravings the most that resisting them will make you the strongest.

You will be ale to prove to yourself that no matter how psychologically tempting the sugary foods are, you have the will and determination to do without them. You’ll see how capable you are of change, and that resistance will do wonders in helping you overcome.

Keep a journal to document your daily thoughts, and read over it if you do lose progress

One of the biggest pitfalls in changing a dietary habit is when we give into a craving, and giving into that craving leads to a chain reaction of giving into more and more cravings. You give up on your goal once, and somehow that helps you convince yourself that you’re incapable of making a change. If you start to fall into this pitfall, keeping a journal will help you get back on track. Anytime you fail, you can read back on your words of determination and be inspired once again.

Learn to love the tastes of nature

You may think it sounds a little depressing to give up sugar and never be able to shamelessly enjoy that taste again. Once again, there is an opportunity in this that hides its face. When you give up sugar, you’re freeing your taste palette to begin enjoying the beautiful flavours nature has to offer.

Instead of craving cinnamon buns, you will be craving the creamy texture and cool taste of an avocado. Instead of drooling over chocolate cake, you’ll be excitedly waking up to the taste of a sugar-free breakfast smoothie.

Find ways to replace the joy of sugar and love life without sugar

If eating sugar is your first concern in life, it’s time for some re-evaluation. There are so many infinite things to enjoy and experience in life, and if you are spending less time clogging your body with sugar, you’ll have more time to enjoy them. Go hiking, go biking, start a business, arrange a get together, take the car and just drive somewhere you’ve never been, just love life without sugar.

Next time you’re craving sugar, put it out of your mind and go out and do something you’ve never done before. Slowly, replace old habits with new life experiences that will stick with you. Eventually, you’ll find that you don’t even miss sugar anymore.