Natural Supplements to Break the Sugar Addiction

Natural Supplements to Break the Sugar Addiction

For some people, the kick they need to get rid of that sugar habit is in natural supplements to break the sugar addiction.  Using supplements to reduce sugar cravings can help you get through the hardest first few weeks of trying to reduce your sugar intake, helping you to reverse your addiction forever.

Don’t worry, you’re not doomed to your sugar addiction.  There are options for treatment for sugar addiction, and I’m going to tell you about one of those options in this article.

Eating too much sugar is a serious problem for the average person in the Western world.

Our diets are filled to the brim with so much sugar that we can scarcely avoid it without putting a whole lot of time and effort into doing so.

The worst part is that this super high sugar consumption rate has been tied to very serious medical conditions from diabetes to premature aging.  In fact, you’d probably be shocked to see the number of diseases that have been tied to a high sugar diet.

What’s even worse than the fact that our diets tend to have a lot of sugar in them and that sugar can cause serious health conditions is the fact that sugar is so easy to become addicted to.  Because our ancestors needed to seek out sugars in the form of ripe fruits and berries in order to survive, our brain is equipped with a pleasure sensor when it comes to sweet tastes.

That evolutionarily expedient pleasure sensor, however, goes entirely out of whack when it comes to the ingredient the modern human has developed: refined sugar.  Refined sugar is essentially sugar extracted and increased in concentration many, many times.  As the saying goes, all in moderation, but refined sugar is anything but moderation even by nature, and it’s in SO MANY things that we eat.  When our brain has to deal with this super concentrated form of sugar, it’s pleasure sensor goes through the roof, and it wants more and more and more.

So, then, the result is a situation where we continuously crave the thing which may be killing us.

The manufacturers and providers of our food continue to pile this junk into the foods we’re eating and feeding our children, and our brain becomes more and more depended on that sugar high.

While this is certainly not the only method of treatment, using supplements to stop sugar cravings is an easy, inexpensive way to move your diet in a new and better direction.

Your Brain with a Sugar Addiction

When you’re addicted to sugar, your body is addicted to a certain chemical imbalance which occurs after you consume the substance.  Chemicals will spike in your body and brain, and suddenly you will be filled with that all-so-familiar “sugar high”.  That sugar high won’t last forever, however, and soon, you’ll end up crashing.  Your brain always wants to maintain that level of equilibrium, but after it has crashed to such a low, it’s going to take the same kind of high to get your brain back on the level it wants to be at.

And that’s where the addiction comes in.

You’ve trained your brain to know the only thing that can make it feel that way it craves is sugar.  So, every time you see a sugar treat, your brain starts to yell at you to pick it up and consume.  The key is to break the habit by getting through those first few weeks so that your brain can begin to find equilibrium through healthier means.

Beyond this, sugar addiction can also be caused and facilitated due to deficiencies in your overall diet.

If your body sees that it isn’t getting what it needs of a certain supplement, it may start causing cravings in an attempt to get you to find that nutrient.  There are even nutrients in the body which are specifically equipped to stop sugar cravings, and when we become deficient in those chemicals, we’re more likely to have the addiction.

Why Natural Supplements May Just Do the Trick

Vitamins and natural supplements are often celebrated as an excellent preventative measure to maintain your health, and there’s a reason for it.  The unique chemicals and properties of various plants can have different affects on the brain and body, and some of those affects can be used to treat an ailment.  Herbs are an excellent way to deal with sugar cravings because it’s a natural, chemical-free way of dealing with your issue.  If you can find the supplement that works which has no side effects and is considered safe for human consumption, you’re essentially using a “medica-tion” that probably has no overdose rate, no potential pharmaceutical side effects, and it can be extremely effective.

Sugar addiction comes from a myriad of different causes, from emotional to chemical dependencies.  For the first few weeks after going on a low sugar diet you’ll probably find yourself feeling a bit out of whack.  Thats because your brain and body are used to the chemical effects of the sugar you eat every day.  With the right supplements and vitamins, you can help to restore the balance in your body chemically as you’re cutting sugar from your diet.

Because they’re relatively harmless and sometimes surprisingly effective, natural supplements are one of the best finds you can make medically if you hit the right one.  They’re naturally nutritious, holistic-health approved and typically not too expensive (less expensive than their pharmaceutical counterparts!).

Using supplements may take a little research and little trial and error in order to find the one that works for you, but if you discover it, it could be your best friend during your journey to drop the sugar habit.

What Kinds of Natural Supplements You Should Use?

There are a TON of natural supplements out there that have been found to treat sugar addiction, so picking the right one may seem like a challenge.  You may have to try a few different options, but do your research and see which mineral or supplement you may be deficient in.  Take a look at the following options we’ve picked out and see if any sound right for you:

1)    Magnesium

A deficiency in magnesium is a major cause in cravings for sugary sweets.  Many, many Americans fail to get the magnesium they need out of magnesium rich foods such as nuts, beans, spinach and grains.  If you don’t think you’re eating too many of these foods, a magnesium supplement may just work for you.

2) Probiotics

This is especially effective when it comes to women.  Women’s sugar cravings have been tied to vagina or intestinal imbalances, but if you fill your belly with healthy little bacteria, you can get your digestive system and overall body working more properly.  In turn, if that was the problem, you should find that your sugar cravings have ceased.

3) L-Glutamine

Your brain has actually built in a process to repress sugar cravings, and it’s done through this sub-stance.  Your brain cause use glutamine in order to convert them to neurotransmitters that reduce sugar cravings.  While this substance can be obtained through diet, when someone is undergoing a lot of stress, they are more likely be deficient in this important substance.  Have you been stressed out lately?  Give it a shot!

4) Vitamin D

A deficiency in Vitamin D can lead to you feeling hungry virtually all the time, and we all know that can turn into sugar consumption.  If you notice that your sugar cravings are coupled with a general craving of food, you may want to ask your doctor to test your vitamin D level and give this supple-ment a try.

5) Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Part of sugar cravings happen in the brain due to an emotional and psychological dependency.  Omega-3 Fatty Acids, found in foods like salmon, leads to a healthier functioning brain overall, and can therefore help restore balance in your brain as you start to kick the sugar habit.

6) Chromium

Chromium is an extremely important mineral which is essential in maintaining a balance in  blood sugar levels.  Having a deficiency in this mineral has decisively been tied to higher rates of sugar cravings.  If you have reason to believe you haven’t been getting enough chromium, it’s definitely a first pick for a natural supplement for sugar cravings.

Is There Any Proof that it Works?

Experts have said without a doubt that natural supplements can be very effective in certain realms when it comes to human health.  By nature, they can work to fill nutrition gaps that we often miss in our modern diet.  Vitamins and nutrients like calcium, potassium, vitamin D and vitamin B12 are often missed at the dinner table, and taking these in the form of supplements can prevent difficulties related to deficiencies.

When it comes to sugar addiction, it becomes very clear why using supplements for sugar cravings is such a powerful possibility.  Many, many people are deficient in one or more nutrient depending on their diet.  Those deficiencies can actually contribute to and create sugar addiction, such as in the case of a lack of chromium, vanadium, magnesium and zinc.

Since vitamins and natural supplements are a proven way to help decrease deficiency in certain nutrients, it follows that those supplements can decrease deficiency in nutrients that cause sugar addition.  With those minerals a vitamins back in your body, your body will be moving back towards the chemical equilibrium it needs to stop making your mouth water at every mention of the word chocolate.

Ultimately, whether or not a supplement will work for you will partially depend on the specific case of your dependency (which nutrient are you deficient in?), so you’ll probably have to test out a few to find out.  You can also talk to you doctor who may be able to give you some insight based on tests and our diet history as to what supplements may work best.

Where Can I Find Supplements?

Supplements can be easily find online, at your local drug store or at a local herbal shop.  Depending on what you’ll looking for, you may need to try all of the above to get what you need.  Drug stores will have the most limited supply, typically just carrying the kind of supplements that fly off the shelf.  If you’re looking for a more specialized supplement, you might want to look into a local store dedicated to herbal and vitamin supplements.  These may also be found at your local health food store.

If you’re looking for something very specific and rare, you’ll have to turn to the internet.  You can find a lot of excellent and unique substances online, but beware, there are also a lot of scam.  Do your research and make sure the supplement you choose is effective in general and also effective in treating sugar addiction.

How Much do They Cost?

One of the good things about supplements is it’s one of the cheaper extra measures you can take to improve your sugar cravings.  Using supplements for sugar addiction may take a bit of trial and error and some time and effort, but once you find something that works for you, you have a relatively low cost plan.

No, not every supplement is dirt cheap.  But if you are comparing them as a whole to other methods to treat hypnotherapy (besides pure unassisted abstinence), it’s not too unreasonable.  The exact price will completely depend on the product you use, but you should be able to find something useful between $20 and $50 that will last for about a month.

The most important thing to remember if you don’t want to break the bank to pay for supplements is to take the time to talk to your doctor and think about your eating habits in order to decide what exactly you may be deficient in.  Look into those deficiencies, and see which are tied to sugar addiction.  It’s a bit time consuming, but your wallet will thank you later when you don’t have cabinet full of un-used supplements.