Quit Sugar Cold Turkey and Stop the Toxic Addiction

Quit Sugar Cold Turkey

Different health experts will advise people to stop eating sugar in different ways. Some recommend slowly weaning yourself off the toxic stuff and others recommend quitting sugar cold turkey.

While both methods for how to have a sugar free diet hold merit, for some people the only way to successfully break free from sugar addiction is to go cold turkey. If this sounds like you, read to find out everything you need to know for how to quit sugar cold turkey and stop the toxic addiction once and for all.

What to Expect When You Quit Sugar Cold Turkey

When you are asking yourself, “how can I stop eating sugar?” it helps to know what to expect in a journey to break free from sugar addiction, especially when you will be removing sugar all at once. Like with most things that are worthwhile, cutting added sugar out of your diet will not be easy, but I can promise it will be worth it.

The most intense phase of cutting sugar out of your diet will occur in the first three to five days, but symptoms can persist as long as two to four weeks, though their intensity will diminish as time goes on.

Most Common Sugar Withdrawal Symptoms

Mood changes
Appetite Changes

Hints for How to Reduce the Sugar in Your Diet Cold Turkey

Removing sugar from your diet all at once sounds straightforward enough, but knowing some hints for how to go on a sugar free diet will help assure your success.

Top Hints to Help You Successfully Quit Sugar Fast

Have a Kitchen Clean Out

Don’t let temptation take up residence in your kitchen. Purge EVERYTHING with added sugar from your kitchen. Donate unopened packages to a food pantry, share open packages with interested friends, and toss anything that’s expired.

Stock Healthy Favourites

There is no reason that quitting sugar has to be a bland ordeal. Fill your kitchen with favourites with no added sugar like herb roasted nuts.

Stay Hydrated and Full

Those sugar cravings hold more power when you are hungry or thirsty. Strengthen your willpower by eating and drinking frequently throughout the day.

Keep a Food Journal

Journaling what you are eating and how you are feeling will help hold you accountable to not letting sugar sneak back into your diet. Additionally, it can help alert you to any foods that may trigger sugar cravings.

Reward Your Process

Make going cold turkey from sugar by rewarding yourself along the way with small treats like coffee with a friend or downloading a favorite song.

Reap Your Rewards

The process of breaking a sugar addiction cold turkey is not always wonderful, but the benefits you’ll get for your hard work and diligence will be more than worth it.

Check out some of the top benefits you’ll enjoy when you quit sugar

More Energy
Less Inflammation
Healthier Weight Levels
Clearer Skin
Better Moods
Improved Immunity

And Much More!