Quit Sugar Tips

If you’re just starting out with the idea of quitting sugar for life, a few tips would certainly help you. A good place to start is my 10 Proven Tips to Eliminate Sugar from Your Diet article. You can also use the following as a snapshot guide:

1. Eat consistently
2. Eat foods with higher nutrients
3. Detox
4. Start your day with breakfast smoothies
5. Take nutritional supplements, like a good multivitamin
6. Exercise
7. Sleep enough
8. Step away from the snacks
9. Drink TONS of water
10. Replace sugary snacks with fruit

I also have 20 Easy Tips on How to Stop Sugar Cravings which you might find useful.

Above all, remember to stay positive about your journey through the first few weeks which will be your hardest. Prepare yourself for the symptoms, don’t give in and keep reminding yourself that they are all temporary. Stay strong and see the light at the end while feel sorry for your friends who fill themselves up with this sweet poison.

And here’s a little tip from my own personal experience; stop calling snacks, cakes, biscuits etc as “TREATS”. Ask yourself: “How is something bad for me a treat???”

From now on, only and only refer to this category of food as “junk food, snack food, sugary snacks”, or better still, feel free to make up your own name for it; sweet poison, harmful foods, unhealthy snacks, and so on. Keep reminding yourself the awfulness of sugar each time you utter those words.

The Sweet Poison Quit Plan by David GillespieI would also strongly recommend you to give yourself the best chance in quitting sugar by reading this book first:

The Sweet Poison Quit Plan by David Gillespie.

You can find this book in any good book store or on Amazon. Although the book talks a lot about the weight loss side of quitting sugar, it has a fantastic explanation of why sugar is bad for you and what it does to your body and your health. A real eye opener.