Three Steps to Breaking Sugar Addiction

Breaking Sugar Addiction

Though many people don’t realise it, the process of becoming addicted to sugar is actually very similar to the process of becoming addicted to drugs. Many of the same chemicals are in play and many of the same physiological steps take place. So when you become addicted to sugar, as innocent as that may sound, it can be a serious headache to try to overcome.

Breaking Sugar Addiction

The process of losing your addiction to sugar is actually quite similar to losing an addiction to drugs. The first step is to recognise your addiction, the next is to make a plan of action to quit sugar and the last is to follow through with that plan.

Recognise Your Addiction

One of the hardest things to do as you are trying to overcome an addiction is simply admitting to the problem. What happens is a phenomenon called Cognitive Dissonance. It is an unpleasant thing for anyone to have to admit to themselves that they are out of control of their own choices. You hate to have to realise that, when it comes down to it, you simply have a really hard time consciously making the decision to not eat sugar.

If you want to actually make progress towards curing yourself, you’ll have to start by recognising that this isn’t going to be as easy as waking up the next day and not eating sugar. It is going to take planning, a lot of will power and constant reminders to yourself that you have to stay on task to avoid relapsing.

Make a Plan of Action

As soon as you have found yourself able to admit to your problem, you will want to start scheming a plan to address the issue. You likely won’t be able to quit sugar cold turkey without forming a strategy to do so. Here is a sample plan of action you may want to take to begin addressing your addiction.

a) Find a Support System

It is not at all easy to quit any kind of addiction without finding other people to help you along the way. Why do you think alcoholics go to Alcoholics Anonymous and drug addicts have to go to rehab? You may not need to find a sugar rehab, but you should tell people in your life that you are planning to make this change and make sure they help you hold yourself accountable. Ideally, you should find other people who also want to break their sugar habit and work as a team to make it happen.

b) Replace Sugar with Something Else

As with any addiction, cravings are inevitable. This is simply how an addiction works. Your brain is so accustomed and dependent on that spike in dopamine and it knows how to get it: sugar. Therefore, at random times in the day, no matter how much you have rationally told yourself that you shouldn’t give in, your brain will beg you for a piece of cake.

You must plan for this. Think of other more healthy options to replace sugar with. Instead of keeping sugary snacks around, cut up your favourite fruits and keep them in your refrigerator for when a craving hits. Fruits also sweet, but it has nutrition and fibres that are actually healthy for you.

c) Seek Supplements

There are also supplements out there which are meant to help people overcome their sugar addictions. These supplements will work with your body chemistry to limit the affect of addiction and help you make healthier decisions. Try supplements and vitamins such as Vitamin B, Resveratrol, CoEnzymeQ10, Fish Oil or neurotransmitter supplements.

Hold Yourself Accountable

This is the final and most important part: follow-through. Follow through DOES NOT mean making perfect decisions from the moment you decide to quit onward. Following through and holding yourself accountable means that you do not stray from your ultimate goal of quitting your addiction.

Even if you make an unfortunate decisions, you should fall right back into the mindset that you want to end this addiction once and for all. Holding yourself accountable takes willpower and you shouldn’t try to do it alone. Enlist your friends to help you hold yourself accountable and the more you make the right decisions, the easier those decisions will become.