What to Do When You Have a Sugar Craving

What to Do When You Have a Sugar Craving

When a high sugar diet is the norm and sugar addiction is widespread, it can seem almost impossible to resist the temptation of a sugar craving. It isn’t even the kind of craving that is socially unacceptable. In fact, typically people are encouraging you to indulge in your addiction, and that’s part of what makes it all the harder!

What to Do When You Have a Sugar Craving

Here’s the bad news. You are not going to avoid having to deal with sugar cravings. They are inevitable and they are going to eat away at your soul during your early journey. It isn’t going to be fun, I’ll just be frank about that.

But here’s the good news: With every strong decision you make to stay away from sugar, you are making it easier and easier to say no the next time. It’s always the first few cravings that are the most difficult to endure. The psychological impact of a sugar craving is so intense that you may feel like it is nearly impossible to gather the will not to eat a handful of that freshly baked batch of cookies. But if you can power through it just a few times, you will begin to see it’s easier than you thought to stay away from it altogether.

Drink Water

Drinking water is a good thing to do anytime you have a food craving that you don’t want. Most people do not drink enough water during the day, therefore they become dehydrated. Sometimes, when your body starts to tell you that it wants you to eat something, it’s actually doing it because you need to drink some water. When you feel that craving coming on, calm down, drink a nice big glass of water and wait for about ten to fifteen minutes to see if you are still hungry.

Just Breathe

The worst part about a craving is the process of having to talk yourself out of giving in. Your mind is running wild and telling you over and over again that the only thing that will calm it down is the food you told yourself you wouldn’t eat earlier. This can be absolutely insufferable, but if you respond to it in the right way, you can stay strong and move along.

The best thing to do is to sit down, close your eyes and just focus on your breath for a few minutes. Essentially, you are meditating, but you don’t have to think about it that way. You’re simply focusing on your breath rather than giving any energy or attention to the part of your brain that is causing the craving. If you can sit and just breathe for about 15 to 20 minutes, you will be in much better shape.

Replace sugar with something else

Sometimes you really do need to eat something when a sugar craving hits. Luckily, there are healthy snacks you can eat which not only keep you adhering to your goals, but can also help you retrain your brain to be satisfied with a different snack. Try replacing sugar with things like your favourite fruit, a healthy homemade granola bar or even a bag of baby carrots. Whatever your favorite healthy snack is, have some on hold to use when you’re having a craving. Eventually, you may be able to train your brain to be satisfied with the healthy treat rather than wanting sugar.

Power Through

The most important thing you can do is keep your will and power through the craving. It will be difficult, you will have doubts and second thoughts, but if you let go of your goal and give in, you’ll only be taking a step back. Just remember with every positive decision you make and every healthy snack you eat instead of sugar, you are getting closer and closer to a life without sugar addiction.

Move Forward

Always move forward, whether you give into your craving or not. We’re human, and we aren’t going to get it right every time. Sometimes you will eat that sweet and you will take that step back. The worst thing you can do at that point is deject yourself from your goal and keep taking more steps back. If you take a step back, realise what happened, acknowledge and accept the mistake and then commit again to moving forward. It is only with this improvement mentality that you will ever reach your ultimate goal of being free of your addiction.